Dance with me

Here’s Pau De Duex, a piece that I wrote, inspired by a dream I had back in 2013. Only 516 words in all, but…I like this piece.

I am in a mirrored studio, tying on my shoes, stretching my long limbs, feeling pops, creaks, cracks and protests of muscles and ligaments. Touching the play button on my player, I rotate my neck from side to side, warming to the first hovering notes, stretching my legs into spinning delicately away from the protective barre. Closing my eyes, feeling the music propel my arms, legs, and feet; my body it’s very attentive slave to the pulsing rhythm. My arms outstretched, leaping, jumping, pirouetting, skipping and landing briskly on pointe, never losing the pose and grace afforded by the shoes, never wavering in the conviction of the melody.

I will him to me, feel my body twist and undulate, searching for a partner, a twin flame to burn the music with. His hands are firm, strong, and powerful around my tiny waist, lifting me as if I weigh nothing. I spin through the air with his lifts, thrusting my body into oblivion to only be caught, cradled, his hands easing my body to the contours of his. His fingers suddenly brush my cheek tenderly, painfully slow as he traces my jawline. He leads me, spinning me out of our leaping, prancing ballet into a grand swooping waltz. Our forms change, our bodies dipping, twirling, spinning around the floor, pushing the very walls back in our wide arching turns. His hands are warmer now, holding me close, pulling at the small of my back, our cores touching, matching. His lead and speed are dizzying; we spin out of control, faster and faster until he lifts me straight up. We paused, basking in the moment and then we are moving again, swaying not as humans, no but as two twin wisps of music, breezes on the wind weaving back and forth entangling in each other’s path. There is no more music; we are the music. We are the very fabric of sound melding, twisting, turning and blending, redefining movement, having no boundaries.

Slowly we spin back to our bodies, still dancing, slowly, close, cheek to cheek. His hand again, resting at the small of my back, stroking my spin gently through the thin fabric of my dress. He buries his face into my hair, inhaling softly, tickling my ear. I smile, blushing as he touches my cheek, bringing my chin up, catching my lips lusciously with his. I moan gently, easing into his warm, inviting embrace, pressing into his kiss hungrily. His fingers delicately stroke my cheek, deepening the kiss, sliding his tongue smoothly across my lips, gently easing them open. My hands moved to his neck, touching his luxurious hair, twining my fingers into it, pulling him all the more closer. His arms tightened around me, dipping me gracefully, deeply over his knee, breaking our kiss but keeping his face close to mine, our breath intermingling.

“I love you”

It was a whisper, a plea, a simple declaration of truth. We smile, our foreheads resting against one another’s. He kisses my nose, my forehead, and is gone. I stand in my studio, panting and full of longing.


Unsolicited Compliments

Today, Sir and I went out for a few errands and to go get some lunch. I have a new ongoing Assignment to be on the look out for particularly well dressed gentlemen (while in public) and to approach them and politely compliment them on their well groomed appearance. The reason for this exercise to it strengthen my confidence level in public, help me be able to talk to people face to face and also for my Husband to get more accustomed to me being with other men. We have been openly poly for nearly a year and while it hasn’t always been easy, we both have truly grown and this was the next test of our devotion to one another; my devotion to His Lead (He did come up with this Assignment completely on His own) and His devotion to my happiness in being an openly poly woman. (More on that at a later time) I feel inspired to illuminate what happened today….Nada. Nothing. No Suited Man in sight, however; I took notice and was suddenly acutely aware of how excited I was to go out today. I kept my phone in my pocket and was more present in Our shopping and was much more aware of the people around me. I smiled more, I made eye contact a couple of times even which is something I rarely ever do. While I do treat this as an Assignment from my Dominant, I also find it and amazingly intriguing social experiment. I am being given the opportunity to politely and conservatively state, “That I just wanted them (the suited gentlemen in question) to know that they looking amazing in their suits today and that I hope I’m not the only one that has told them, and if I was, that the pleasure was all mine.” I can only imagine how awesome that is going to feel, being able to give someone that smile, that affirmation! If someone came up to me randomly and stated they loved my look and that I looked fabulous, I’m pretty sure I’d light up like a firework!! What an interesting idea, giving an unsolicited compliment to boost three people’s confidence in themselves for completely different reasons. I look forward to tomorrow. Thank you Sir. I adore how you make my mind work.


That next step

It was once suggested to me that I start a blog, a way to keep all my thoughts and idea’s about the journey that I was embarking on organized and present. I have many journals, countless books that lay around the house in various nooks and crannies, but for whatever reason, I don’t pick them up as often as I pick up my phone/tablet to write. So why now, why a blog? Nearly a year ago, I finally stepped into my own sexual light and admitted to my husband as well to myself that I am a submissive woman. What does that mean? Well by wordnet dictionary’s definition, “Adj: inclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others of showing such inclination; willing to submit without resistance to authority.” I enjoy the power exchange that comes with a Dominant/submissive relationship, the fact that I can trust my Dominant, to the point of giving Him the control of our relationship, not only in the bedroom, is incredibly appealing to me. What do I get out of this considering He is the one with all the control?  (I have the control really, I am giving him my control and therefore I, the submissive is actually the one with the ability to control the scene with a single safe word, but I’m getting ahead of myself) I have the peace of mind that I am safe, that I am loved and cherished, honored and that my actions, my tasks, assignments and orders are appreciated on a very deep level because of the depth that I am willing to allow my submission to reach. My husband is my current Dominant and while we are a budding poly couple, we are not just beginning down our path of having more than one partner in our lives, we have had other women, so for us, this step really isn’t that out of the ordinary. This blog is to help me keep on track with my assignments, tasks, and Orders as well as a place for me to write about my experiences or my thoughts, or to add to my growing research on the kinks and fetishes that I enjoy that are a part of our Dom/sub lifestyle.

Her protection, safety, health and pleasure are His to control, His to command. She willingly gives and is infinitely His.
Her protection, safety, health and pleasure are His to control, His to command. She willingly gives and is infinitely His.