This is a Dance; a journey of Love, exploration, healing and learning; a dance of the soul into the depths of what makes this girl tick and why she does the things that she does. There are always obstacles to be leapt over, bridges to waltz across (some to burn) and new choreography to learn. The depth that one can go is only limited by the acceptance of the soul, so I take it all; I accept all of it on this journey and go Deeper still. This is a dance where the artist is striving to understand the art that she creates and the muses that sway her; to contemplate the music so as better to perfect the motion. This is a Dance down the Path.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Your connection is beyond exquisitely defined and sought after in high regard by purposefully igniting the undeniable passions enforced within each of us who are authentically attempting this wonderful journey of surrendering mindfully and connectively with every fiber of our being. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your wonderfully intense journey! Love….

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