Curtain Call

Hello my Darling Kinksters,

“And now the end is near; and so I face the final curtain. My friends, I’ll say it clear, I’ll state my case of which I”m certain. I’ve lived a life that’s full, I’ve traveled each and every highway; but more, much more than this, I did it my way.”~  Ah Frank Sinatra, he helps me through this…this isn’t exactly fun, or what I ever really wanted, but this needs to happen in order for there to be growth. My Darlings, I’m ending Dancing the Path, this blog. I won’t remove it, but this is going to be my last post.

I want you all to know that this has nothing to do with Our marriage; Master and I are doing very well, We’re still a united and dedicated pair. We’ve been together for over a decade now and while we’ve had our very real moments of upset and heated discussion, We’re best friends. We give each other safe space to be who We both are, Loving each other Unconditionally and never being afraid to express Ourselves. We’re still very involved in Our D/s relationship despite my horrible neglect to this space. I am terribly sorry for that, that my posts have not only lacking, but lacking in my usual flare.

I don’t really have much by way of reasoning for this close, except to say that Life has gotten busy. Our days are filled with Our D/s protocol where We can, otherwise We work, we play, we live. We’re full time parents and employee’s so yes…life very much so gets in the way. Master still gives me color requests for my day to day attire, We keep to Our constant messages when apart and follow a very fluid and always growing Contract of Submission. I have loved having this space and being able to freely express myself to all of you in this very interesting and trying time of Our sexual growth. It has helped and warmed my heart that so many of You have reached out and connected with me here and so thrilled that all of You are still here, still writing, still Living the Good Life.

Like I stated at the beginning of this swan song, I won’t end this blog, I’m just not going to write in it anymore. I have often thought about writing about Master and His Spoon from a fictional stand-point, write about Us in some alternate Sexy universe where We met as Master and sub, not starting out as Husband and Wife. I certainly have an amazing source to pull from and as a favorite author of mine often says, “write what you know.” So who knows, perhaps you’ll pick up the next New York Times bet seller (Ha! Now I’m just being lofty) and it’ll be a racy story about a true D/s couple and all the amazing adventures they have. Anyway my Kinky Loves, please, keep dancing. Never stop moving to the beat of your own song. Thank you for all of Your support, it’s meant the world to me, Us. 

Forever and always,

Dance One Step Closer.


2 thoughts on “Curtain Call

  1. I hate to see it but so many just disappear and leave you to wonder. Nice to know the two of you are just dancing off into the sunset. blessings ❤

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    1. I didn’t want to leave anyone in the dark, I’ve made quite a few friends here and who knows, I may start another blog at some point. We’re just going at a much slower pace, our steps not nearly as note worthy and honestly, it takes a lot of energy and a bit of time to write out Our pieces. This is a labor of love, and it was a difficult decision, but I believe it’s for the best. Thank you so much for following me and being a supportive voice. Much Love and Blessings. ♡♡

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