Baby it’s cold outside…

We’ve been incredibly slow today. I’ve been feeling absolutely horrible, terribly fatigued and cramps that sent me nearly into tears. Master took care of me, as He always does with back rubs, our heating pad, water to drink and pain killers. We watched musicals and a holiday favorite or two, only leaving the couch when absolutely needing to. We haven’t had many days like these this year, it’s been far too chaotic. Master has had to go on so many business trips, I have been incredibly occupied with our child, work, my rekindled relationship with my Beloved First as well as my budding relationship with my new flame; We simply have not had a quiet year that has afforded the luxury of being quiet and lazy. 

Today We were Mr and Mrs, not so much Master and Spoon, however at our core, we are always that. Master served me dinner, though I cleared away our dishes. He tucked me in on the couch and chuckled at campy musical numbers with me, no business was discussed, no family issues, no world troubles or political climate; We were a couple cuddling and staying close enjoying each other. 

There is a lot going on right now in our lives, some of which is positive, some of which it’s going to take some time to find the positive. What this year has taught me though is that Master and I are an extremely devoted pair that Love each other unconditionally. While I have new people in my life, new Love to expand to, there has also been deep lessons about that love and the need to be more patient not only with others, but with myself. There are many things I aspire to do and places I wish our family to explore and through it all I know that Master will be with me, helping me to be the best version of myself and in turn, I do hope that He sees the growth He has made and feels the support I try so deeply to give. 

We are on our way to new adventures with new Loves, and are so very blessed to be dancing on, one step ever closer. 

Happiest of all Holidays to You and Yours. ♡♡


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