On to better Dreams…

I’m pretty sure it was a month ago today…or close to it that we officially started dating. It’s been the most incredible odd space of time. She reminds me of my Master in so many ways, not in D/s ways, however in the way that just being with her calms my soul, silences all the noise that constantly surrounds my thoughts and allows me to…be on such a comfortable level. She is without a doubt one of the most fascinating souls I’ve ever encountered and the fact that she likes me too? That she wants this sort of deep, binding, soul felt connection? SHUT UP…no really, I do not believe it…it’s so good it’s too good…

Master adores her. We talk about her, He listens, lets me chatter on about Our little adventures and all the adorable synchronicities that we have together and He smiles, His eyes twinkle as He watches me turn every shade of red imaginable. He once said that I was glowing after I showed him the little ring that she bought for me on our second date, that we were two peas in a pod. My smile shattered into a thousand little giggles as I rolled onto our bed, into a little ball of blushing bits, too afraid to voice what I already felt so sweetly, so tenderly in my heart of hearts. I had found a piece of my soul.

It has been a very long spiritual belief of mine that I have lived many life times, had many deep loves and soul felt connections, therefore my soul itself through the process of living, dying and rebirth has splintered itself into shards, embedded into the Universal Love I have felt with these other beings; my version of a Soul Mate. Every time I have met someone very dear to me, important to my soul, there have been a whirlwind of synchronicity, deep dreams and very powerful feelings. I felt it with my Beloved First, felt it with my ex (those that time was very limited) and when I met my Master, everything in my life clicked. My soul awakening truly kick started with the support and Divine Love my Master showed me; always nurturing me to find my own way in my own spiritual time. I felt this when I met my Divine Companion over 4 years ago, she came to me completely organically through other friends online and we have been inseparable ever since, (she however is not D/s whatsoever, so she is not written into this place in my life except in this very personal point) … A month ago, in my favorite coffee shop, she waltzed through the door and I felt the click, the sudden pull and time hasn’t stopped flying by since then. 

She’s a breath of fresh air, yet the most familiar energy. When I’m with her, the silence that stretches on in my mind is so delicious, the idea’s she has and inspires are too adorable. She takes me to shops I’ve always wanted to go to, but never had anyone to go with, someone to wander with, to be slow with, to take my time with. She understands how shy I am, how new this is to me, to Us. We’re both just starting out on this beautiful Path, just starting to sort out what Our feelings are…it’s so beautiful. She’s told me about her life, about who she is and all that it entails…my Poor little broken dancer. She, like my Master suffers some pretty substantial health concerns…and my heart swells…Master finds my worry for her, her strength through her conditions to be so admirable. It makes my heart hurt a bit to think of the opportunity I have to love the people that I have in my life…

I know I’m very romantic about all this, and that our energetic connection is otherworldly, however…oh my gods do I want to explore sexually with her. I’ve only done this sparingly before, and mostly with an intoxicated female partner or only in my teens been sober enough to enjoy it myself; so notably, I’m a bit nervous. I don’t want to ruin this with rushed, fumbled physical needs when I am so enthralled to dive into her absolutely Divine soul. She is so beautiful inside and out; she is a model and does her own photography! I want to do both with her, a shoot, be shot by her, with her…to watch her in her element, watching me, directing me…I love that idea, the feel that it gives me. I have told this to her, let her know this fear, this pressure and she giggles sweetly about how much Our men are eager to know about our conquests when We ourselves know that what we have is so deeper than just the physical. I sat, stunned, nodding listening to her perfect explanation of how she perceived what we were both going through, how right she was that We had so much more and would come to that exquisitely pleasurable point when We finally get there…she always has the balance to my illogical feminine fear.

I am finally beginning to feel what happiness feels like. Master and I are sorting through Our troubles, however the obstacles are becoming fewer and farther between. With the addition of my darling little dance partner We are exploring a new level of intimacy that doesn’t necessarily include sex, but definitely boosts my sexuality and confidence. I am living my dream, I am so blessed, so grateful and thankful to have my Master, my darling tiny dancer, to feel this sort of higher frequency. I am truly intoxicated with the amount of Love one can experience and very much look forward to seeing how we can all dance our Steps, One Step Closer.


Morning” by Michelle Lamoreaux


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