Tending to Her

    I woke up this morning feeling drained and more exhausted than when I went to bed. All night I tossed and turned with reckless dreams and all night I kept waking up startled to be back in my own bed, next to Sir. When the alarm finally did go off, I groaned, I whined, my muscles ached and protested, but it was another day, time to start it.
    Last night I got it in my brilliant head to do a “Day-in-the-life-of” piece, shed light on a typical day in our life and how Our D/s dynamic is interwoven through. This morning I really wanted to can that idea, to chuck it and never think about it again, but I didn’t. I grabbed up my leather bound journal, favorite pen and trudged downstairs.

    Sir is an early riser not to mention a morning person. Our daughter follows in His foot-steps and is one of the easiest kids ever to wake up and get ready for school; I am not a morning person. Sir understands this and it is a long standing arrangement that He makes the coffee while I get up, dressed and make our bed before joining Him. I used to hate making our bed, as that it is a king and I’m a little person that seems to have to jog laps around the damn thing to make it, but after We started our Dynamic and it is a Daily task, I have come to enjoy it as that it gives me those few moments alone while He and our daughter get up and bounce about as they usually do, to sort myself and my thoughts and try to put on a smile before shuffling downstairs for coffee.

    After kissing our daughter as She and Sir go out to the bus stop, it is my chore to go upstairs and get any dishes that we have up in our room and bring them down, putting them in the sink for daily dishes to be done. I dragged today, my feet felt like such leaded bits while I picked up our things and brought them down; grimacing at the dishes that needed to be done, but knew that it would be a good distraction later on, as the dishes are also my chore. I get my second cup of coffee, by which time Sir comes back in from the bus stop and I make sure His cup is full before shutting off the coffee pot. Sir has a remarkable way of leaving heating elements on in the kitchen, so it is my explicit duty to make sure that the stove top, oven and coffee pot are turned off. He isn’t lazy, He’s just a chef by profession and accustomed to leaving His tools on until the end of the night; sometimes forgetting that He’s at home, in His own kitchen. I don’t mind helping Him, reminding Him gently that it was turned on while I turn it off, He always thanks me kindly.

    We get settled as we usually do and start our morning conversation. Sir works in the evenings, so we have the days to ourselves to get our chores done, errands and sometimes, on very amazing days, we get to play. Today though is a day where we talk about various subjects from around the globe, to dreams that we both experienced; what we’re both doing as far as writing goes etc. We have had these morning conversations for years when our schedule allows; they can sometimes get very long and involved, while some days I admit that I am more quite than others, simply listening to Him. Today was a day that I was quieter, curled up with my coffee mug and I believe Sir sensed that in me and got up to make us some breakfast.

    Breakfast. Sir always makes my eggs to order, but never asks how I want them, because He always knows. Some days it’s a surprise and I get scrambled, or poached, but for the most part, He knows how I love them and I am always left with a smile at His thoughtfulness. He also cooks my bacon to order and serves me first, stating that cold eggs are a terrible waste of egg, bidding me to eat before He does. We eat breakfast together, I clear our places and we decide to go chill out in our room.

    We have gotten in the habit if watching the news a bit after breakfast. I’m not much into politics or world news, but Sir insists that we keep up on what is happening around us, so we watch. Today though, upon seeing my sickly self, Sir opted to play a video game while I curled up next to Him and napped. I was more grateful for His presence than anything else and dozed lightly.

    Sir made us chicken noodle egg-drop soup. He always knows what will make my tummy feel good and put a little pickled ginger into it as well as onions and cilantro. He brought me up my bowl and carried it down when I was done. We sat together and watched silly tv for a little bit, then He went to shower while I stayed snuggled and watched a bit more mindless drivel.

    Sir and I took a nap together. We both slept poorly the night before and with Sir going to work tonight, He wanted to catch some extra zzz’s. We kissed and then curled into our respective places. Napping with Sir is always a safe experience, something about it being day light and having His presence close by, sleeping with me just makes me feel better and I got the first bit of good rest I’d had all night/day.

     Sir had gotten up before I did, went to get dinner supplies and down to the bus stop to get our daughter; those are my chores. I woke up, groggy and disoriented when I heard them come back into the apartment and scurried myself down stairs. Sir was doing the dishes. I felt my anger rise, my temper starting to choke me up. Sir was stealing my chores! He was robbing me of my submissive duties! I wanted to do the dishes!! I made a little noise of protest, to which He arched one of His perfect eyebrows, giving me that knowing look; at that moment, I mentally smacked myself. My Sir, Beloved Master of my heart, was taking care of His girl, had been taking care of His girl all day and I had the audacity to get a temper about Him helping with my chores? I laughed a bit and went to sit down and think about this puzzling reaction. 

…it feels so…odd to be looked out for…and I think that’s not how I should feel about it, I should be elated and happy and feeling pampered…but I end up kinda feeling like I’m letting Him down and not taking care of my end of our load…He has so much that He has to carry, it breaks my heart just a bit that today, He had to take care of me too. 

     Sir kissed my forehead before going to work this afternoon and while waving good bye from the window as He drove away, that familiar twinge overwhelmed me for just a moment, and I let a few tears fall. He’s incredibly good to me, takes care of me, adores me even when my A game is a far distant cry. He gives me the space to nap and to curl up quietly when I need it, always close at hand to protect me, even if He’s protecting me from myself. Always…one step closer. Thank you Sir.



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