My Beloved Master gave me an assignment a few days ago. He asked me to write Him an essay on “How My Actions Reflect Upon My Master.” He gave me a 1000 word limit and 2 day time frame for which this piece was to be written and I must admit, I honestly was not thrilled by this assignment at first….

How do my actions reflect my Master…this has oddly been a difficult assignment. I have spent the past two days looking at my actions, every step I’ve taken, word that has come out of my mouth, everything. While there are certain aspects that I see that could be considered a reflection on my Dominant, for the most part, my actions are a reflection of who I am and the measures I have taken to be…well…me. I’ll touch on the things that I do believe reflect on my Dominant, though I’m not sure this is at all what He wants.

**When I respond immediately to His texts and phone calls, He knows that I am paying attention and am attentive to Him and what He needs. It hopefully lets Him know and understand that I am always alert to anything that He might desire, even while I’m out.

**When I put my phone/tablet/book down while He is talking directly to me, it is to give better attention to what He is saying and to hopefully be able to express to Him in a nonverbal way that I feel His words have worth and meaning.  When I wait for my turn to speak and try my hardest not to interrupt, I am also trying to show my Sir that I respect His words, and am trying to give input that He would find insightful and helpful to the situation. When I am quiet and do not have an answer to give Him, I do so because I do not believe that it is my place to be critical and I am trying to move my mind past my own judgment and see things from His perspective.

**I wear the colors that He requests. (this is a bit of a duh). I want to always put my best foot forward when dressing to go out in public and who better to know how best to present me to the “adoring public than the man that adores me the most? I try my hardest to make every outfit, no matter the color, unique and complimentary to His requests.

**I repeat back His orders to Him to make sure that I don’t miss anything that He has requested.  If I have any questions about my Orders I make sure to ask them; ignorance of the law is not excuse for breaking it after all.

**When I speak , I try to use words that reflect that I am educated and well mannered. I believe this reflects upon my Sir because others can then see that He has a wife (as well as a sub) that is refined, well-bred and versed in the finer etiquette of being a lady.

**When I interact with people in the Lifestyle, whether sub or Dominant, I make sure that I am  always up front in the factor that I am a married, own, collared sub. I believe that this action reflects upon my Sir because it is making sure that all others, not just other Dominant s that might want to take advantage of my submission, but also other sub’s that may be curious about my Path know that We are a package deal. When I am honest about my adoration and my love for my Sir and Our Path, I am demonstrating to my Sir that I am trustworthy, even outside of His realm of Protection.

**I do not anger easily, but when I do I make a statement. I feel that being able to choose ones battles and then being able to have the fortitude to keep oneself in control while delivering a killing blow is crucial. The reason that I choose to let so many things go unprovoked is because I believe in the theory that people are humans and therefore flawed. I step up to the plate when I feel that things have gone out of the realm of allowable mistakes and into the plain of absolute stupidity. By doing this I believe that I reflect the control that my Sir wishes me to have over my emotions, the grace to be able to not get flustered under pressure. When I do release my fury, I am still aware of my words and of my tone because I believe that even in anger I can reflect the level of intelligence I have reached, therefore pleasing my Sir in that not only can I choose a worthy battle, but that I can fight and fight well.

**When I clean our house, I do so because I understand that in order for Us as a family unit to be successful, we need a clean, stable environment to thrive in. I feel this reflects upon my Sir because Our Home is His castle and I am His Queen and it is my duty to keep His castle well taken care of and well managed. When I pay the bills to keep our family from going into debt and ruin, I believe it reflects on my Sir that I am His assistant; that I can manage His affairs well so that He may attend to the business of going to work and being a good provider, Husband, Father and Dominant.

I have listed off quite a few of the positive actions that I perform that have a positive reflection on my Sir, however I do realize that the negative actions that I do have a negative impact on my Sir as well. I understand that when I am lazy and do not do my chores that my Sir has to come home to a House that is not in good standing and He has to work harder to get His affairs back in Order. I understand that when I do not do as I’m told that I am taking away my Sir’s control, that I am in essence detracting from His Dominance by acting out and causing Him to have to take undo time out of His already stressed schedule to deal with me and correct my misbehavior. I also have a deep understanding that because my Sir has health conditions that can be exacerbated by stress, that it is my job, my duty to make sure that His health is my first Priority as well as His.

After writing this and taking deep consideration over the things that I do, the way that I speak, the attention that I give to my Priorities that there is always somewhere an underlying reflection on my Sir. When I first started writing this I was nearly annoyed and upset by it, that I did the things that I did not for the Glory of my Sir, but for the betterment of my family and of my own wellbeing; however the more I sat here and fell deeper into my thoughts, I realized that my Sir wants me to do these things for the improvement of our family, of myself and of Him. Some days it is harder for Him than others, but my Sir does try His hardest to put His family, His wife/sub first in everything that He does. I understand that this is a partnership, that He needs me to be ever aware of my place and of my reflection of Him so that He may feel safe, secure and Loved just as I need to feel safe, secure and Loved that He acts and understands that He is a reflection on me as well. We are each other’s mirrors and perhaps, now that we both see each other through Our own adoring eyes as well as understanding the reflections of each other, that We can be able to help each other grow more into the people, the couple, We are meant to be. Thank you for this assignment, Sir.


4 thoughts on “Actions

  1. Great blog, love this. It really is an eye opener on what the little things mean, and how we can serve ours better. Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂 I have also shared this on my fb page in hopes to get you more subscribers. Good luck with this blog, i will be back daily to enjoy your insight of this lifestyle.


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